1 February 2016

Monday the First Day of February 2016

Howard Livingston presided at the Hamilton Club Ambucs’ luncheon with 16 attending.

Ambucs are “creating independence for people with disabilities”. Lancaster’s Chapter helps those with disabilities improve.  Rolland King noted the Ambucs’ support of the Occupation Development Center when it was started in the 1940s.  This year the Community Activities work is redirected toward gifts of Amtrykes. Four were given and 3 more are pending to be given. A social at Spring House is coming in a month or so for membership fun. Cheryl Swain and Bruce Schmoyer have done a lot of work with Amtryke gifts.  The last person receiving one, Emily, is enjoying her riding.  There is now contact in Reading to learn of worthy children.  We heard a long list of ideas for encouraging more members from our guests, speakers, and fund raising participants. Also we will ask companies to encourage employees, who like community involvement, to become Ambucs.  The benefits of Ambucs include good speakers, friendship and supporting physical handicaps.  Our chapter must change its membership trend and its weekly participation.

 Next Week

 On Feb. 8th, a program is being confirmed.  On Feb. 15, there is no luncheon on the Presidents’ Day national holiday.

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