8 February 2016

Howard Livingston presided at the Hamilton Club Ambucs’ luncheon with 23 attending.

 National Ambucs’ News and Our Chapter’s Future

Ambucs will be moving soon because the Hamilton Club needs to keep income from outside groups under 15%, in order to maintain their non-profit tax standing. Tonight the Board will seek another place in March.  News from the National Magazine was heard.  Last night new Super Bowl ring winner, Kyle Robert, has an Ambuc grandfather. Also, pro golfer Jordan Spieth’s Foundation is giving $20,000 to acquire Amtrykes for many children on the wish list for one.

 Next Weeks

 No luncheon on Monday, 2-15-16, Presidents’ Holiday.  On Feb. 22, Carl Slegel speaks on Freedom’s Wings International (FWI). It is an all-volunteer recreational program for disabled individuals utilizing gliders. For 35 years, (FWI) has been providing the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to experience the joy of flight in specially equipped sailplanes/gliders; and some learn to fly.

 Our Club

 Welcomed were guests Jose Rodriguez and Grant Clark. Greetings went to Koogie Kegel, who learned personally about the insurance value in his business. Bill Cifuni is asking for our Lobster Party date.  Our March Social will be at Spring House at 209 Hazel St.  An Amtryke gift at 10 a.m., tomorrow, at Schreiber may be postponed due to snow. Scott Ulrich was not the freeloader winner.  No winner had Ambuko 2 & 9.  Our website will be changed soon to “lancasterambuc.com” that is now on our sign at Dillerville Road and Harrisburg Ave.

      —Kenneth Ttrauger, Editor

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