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Javion Rodriquez gets his Amtryke!

Last Thursday, February 9th, the Lancaster Chapter of AMBUCS presented an AmTryke to Javion Rodriquez at the Schreiber Pediatric Center.   Javion is an  8 years old, Lancaster City boy that has cerebral palsy and walks with a walker.  He is currently learning to use crutches. Javion underwent Orthopedic Surgery at A. I. Dupont in July 2016 and while there  used an adaptive tricycle in rehab.  He has used one again at Schreiber and loves it and has done very well with the pedaling and steering. Javion has a big smile and was extremely happy and appreciative to receive his own AmTryke that he will be able to use at his home and in the neighborhood.  His therapist, Deanna Adair indicated that by using the AmTryke he will develop more strength and confidence.  AMBUC members attending the presentation were Rolland King III, Ben Bowman, Derrick Stephenson and Bruce Schmoyer. Javion’s family including grandmother and sister were also there.




February 8, 2016

The regular meeting of the Lancaster Chapter Board of Directors was held at the home of Tyler Lowry. President Howard Livingston called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.

Board Members: Cheryl Swain *  Cindy Rohrbach *
* Indicates Attendance Howard Livingston * Mike Rohrbach *
Scott Ulrich * Jim Warner *

Harry Loshnowsky * Sandy Leaman *
Rolland King Tyler Lowry *
William Young Randall DeBord
Bill Saporetti *                       Al Mauger

Club members attending: None

Secretary’s Report: The reading of last month’s minutes was waived. Jim Warner made a motion to approve the January Board Meeting Minutes. The motion was seconded by Sandy Treasurer’s Report: The following Treasurer report was received by the board.  Account
balances with effective dates are listed below:

General Account, 1/31/16 $5,168.96
Amtryke and Mobility Account, 1/31/16 10,645.13
Gordon Landreth Account, 12/31/15 29,260.58
Total $45,074.67

Programs –Bill Young will be sending out an updated schedule for the remainder of this year.  Also, members should send suggestions for programs to Bill Young.

Amtryke – Cheryl reported that we will be giving an Amtryke to Belle on Tuesday, February 9th

Membership – Rolland will continue to lead the membership committee for the remainder of this term. The following subcommittees will assist the membership committee.

Attendance & Retention – Bill Saporetti

New Venue for Club Meetings – Mike Rohrbach
Web Site & Database – Ken Giurlando
Marketing & Publicity – Cheryl Swain
Social – Cindy Rohrbach said that the committee is planning a social at the Spring House
Brewing Company on Hazel Street in Lancaster on March 15, 2016.

Old Business – Ken Giurlando continues to work to improve the web site.

New Business – Howard Livingston and Bill Saporetti will lead the committee to nominate officers and directors for the 2016/2017 term.

Harry Loshnowsky will hold a meeting to plan this year’s AMBUCS/ODC Golf Outing in the

Next Meeting – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 14th at the home of Sandy

Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Submitted by: Bill Saporetti, Club Secretary

Golf Outing

Good Afternoon AMBUCS

Monday May 16th at Four Seasons Golf Club we will hold our 10th golf fundraiser benefiting the Lancaster ODC. Last year was our best as we raised just over $10,000.00. Join us to make this year’s event a record breaking day. I have attached an entry form for you to fill out and reserve your participation.  2016 Golf Outing Entry

I look forward to your response.



Also, I would like to schedule a planning meeting Tuesday March 1st at 7:15 at my home for anyone to attend. Your input would be appreciated. Please respond to if you plan to attend.

8 February 2016

Howard Livingston presided at the Hamilton Club Ambucs’ luncheon with 23 attending.

 National Ambucs’ News and Our Chapter’s Future

Ambucs will be moving soon because the Hamilton Club needs to keep income from outside groups under 15%, in order to maintain their non-profit tax standing. Tonight the Board will seek another place in March.  News from the National Magazine was heard.  Last night new Super Bowl ring winner, Kyle Robert, has an Ambuc grandfather. Also, pro golfer Jordan Spieth’s Foundation is giving $20,000 to acquire Amtrykes for many children on the wish list for one. Continue reading 8 February 2016